Intro to Beekeeping – An Austin Gem

Here is our newest recommendation in our “Austin Gems” category  (see the side bar on the right for a link to past posts). We look for the lesser-known activities and events that make Austin a truly special place to live. Residents here know all about the educational opportunities available from the University of Texas, St. Edwards, and Austin Community College. Today, we look at a class that flies a bit under the radar, pun intended.

Most people have a fear of bees. From an early age, we are taught to run screaming and flailing whenever a bee flies by (ok, maybe we aren’t taught that, exactly, but that’s what I’ve always done!).  Bees, however, are an integral part of our natural ecosystem and provide a key component to plant reproduction, without which many of our fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds would simply cease to exist. Bees are so important to the commercial food growers of our nation that they regularly rent hives to ensure their crops are properly pollinated. Farmers across the U.S. pay upwards of $150 million a year in rental fees as the natural habitats for bees have dwindled and created a shortage of bees in some local areas. And, of course, there is the honey that the bees produce.

Used to be that someone wanting to learn how to raise hives of bees would need to learn from someone who already learned it from someone who…well, you get the picture. That’s no longer the case!  Today, residents of the Austin area can simply sign up for Beekeeping School, presented by Round Rock Honey. The class is geared towards novices and provides basic information about bees, creating hives, and harvesting honey. Classroom instruction is supplemented with ‘hands-on’ training. Beekeeping suits are provided!

NEXT CLASS: August 27, 2011

The next class is August 27, 2011 and there are two dates per month for the remainder of the year. Classes are generally very small, allowing for lots of individual instruction and attention. Participants are allowed to attend a future refresher training at no additional charge and will also have access to their instructor for follow up questions on an as-needed basis.

For more information and to sign up, please click here.

If you attend, please drop us a line to tell us your thoughts about the class by emailing

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