Realtor Safety App

Where there is a need, there is an app. Michelle Jones, Austin real estate agent, saw a need and has recently released an app to address that need. 


Real Estate agents are vulnerable to a wide variety of criminal activity, due to the trusting nature of their job. Realtors are expected to take prospective clients from home to home showing them around the town and neighborhoods where they might want to purchase a house. Most showings go just fine and most clients are legitimate.

But, in today’s world, there are always potential dangers lurking and Realtors are taught to be cautious when out with clients. Realtors can be targets for robbery, assault, rape, and murder and they should always exercise extreme caution when dealing with strangers, even those they’ve communicated with via email or phone.


Real AlertyIn an effort to provide better tools for agents, Michelle Jones developed an app that offers safety features for realtors in an easy-to-use interface. Combined with the knowledge of safe showing practices, Michelle’s app could be the difference between staying safe and becoming a victim.

REAL ALERT is available for iPhone, iTouch, or iPad and allows the user to quickly dial 911 by simply hitting one button. It also has features to sound an alarm to frighten away potential harm, communicate with a pre-selected contact, capture observational notes about perpetrators or suspicious activity, and locate the nearest hospital. REAL ALERT is currently available on iTunes at a price of $1.99. It is listed in the ‘Lifestyle’ category and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Real Alert ScreenAnd while Michelle originally had Realtors in mind, the same app could be used in a number of different situations to help prevent crimes. Delivery drivers, door-to-door sales, service professionals, and anyone else who meets with potential clients on a one-to-one basis are potential users of this safety app.

Mission Mortgage encourages everyone to practice safe habits when dealing with strangers. Share your itinerary with someone, check in regularly, create code language that you can use to tell someone on the phone you are in trouble, meet your clients at your office first and collect photocopies of a driver’s license. Stay alert while alone with the client and guard your possessions. Safety first should always be your motto.

Great job, Michelle! Your efforts are appreciated!

To read the full press release for the Real Alert app, please click here.


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