Mark Sprague in HBA Publication

The Home Builders Association of Greater Austin publishes a quarterly magazine called “Building Central Texas”.  The printed periodical covers stories relevant to home building and real estate throughout the Central Texas region.

Mark Sprague, Mission Mortgage of Texas

In the Spring 2011 issue, Jackie Benton writes a story called “Why Now is the Time to Buy” that features quotes from Mark Sprague, Director of Business Development at Mission Mortage of Texas, Inc.  While Mark is often quoted in the media, being recognized as an expert by the professionals who build homes in Austin is quite an honor.  Mark enjoys sharing his knowledge with those who can best use that knowledge to produce great things and home builders are among his favorite audience.

In this article, Benton seeks to answer the question that seems to be on everyone’s mind: Is this the best time to buy? The article jumps right into quotes by Mark Sprague and answers the question with a resounding “Yes”. Steady growth rates, rising costs and interest rates over the next year, and an upcoming shortage of lots are all reasons why buying now is the smart thing to do.

“Now is the time to buy obviously.  What we have here in Texas is a nice steady growth rate,” says Sprague.  He is later quoted as saying, “Sure, there’s uncertainty in the economy, but when it comes to someone asking if they should buy or rent in this market, I have to ask, how long are you going to stay here? Forever? Then I tell them they should buy.”

At another point in the article, Sprague says, “I don’t guarantee much, but I do guarantee, barring a catastrophic event, that condo or house you look at today will be more expensive next year.”

If you are interested in hearing more from Mark Sprague, he produces a weekly newsletter called The Mission Statement that is available online. To learn more about his newsletter and to sign up for a subscription, please visit

The complete article is only available in the print publication.  If you’d like more information about the Home Builders Association of Greater Austin, please visit

If you’d like more information about how Mission Mortgage can help you with your next home purchase, please email us at or by calling 512.328.0400. We have been providing residential mortgage solutions for over 25 years to Austin and beyond and we’d be happy to assist you with your next purchase or refinance.


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