Austin is Forbes Best City for Jobs

The complete rankings of the Forbes’ Best Cities for Jobs was recently released and Austin ranked first for large cities and first overall. In the last few months we’ve posted numerous announcements about companies moving or expanding here in Central Texas and the job numbers continue to beat statewide and national figures for employment. The rankings took into effect the overall job growth of each city as well as the current growth momentum. In other words, those that ranked highest are also seeing the best current job growth.

The Top 10 Best Large Cities for Jobs in 2010 are:
1.  Austin, Texas
2.  New Orleans, Louisiana
3.  Houston, Texas
4.  San Antonio, Texas
5.  Dallas, Texas
6.  Washington D.C.
7.  Northern Virginia, Virginia
8.  Nashville, Tennessee
9.  New York City, New York
10. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Two important things to notice about this top 10 list.  First, four of the top 5 spots are all in Texas, accounting for every major city in the state. If not for New Orleans, Texas would have claimed a clean sweep in the latest rankings.  Second, not a single city in California makes the list, despite having a number of them within the large city category. If you’ve been following the Mission Mortgage blog, you know that many California companies have decided to move their operations to Austin or other cities within Texas. This has happened enough times that delegates from California recently met with the Austin Chamber of Commerce to see what it is that we are doing to lure away their businesses.

But that’s not the extent of Texas’ dominance in the latest Forbes rankings.  Cities in Texas also topped the mid-sized city category and the small-sized city category.  El Paso came in first for mid-sized cities. Corpus Christi placed second and McAllen placed fourth in the mid-size grouping.  Killeen/Temple topped the list of small cities, with Midland placing fourth and Odessa ranking tenth. 

Texas has a pro-business attitude and approach, as well as a number of incentive programs that help lure companies to our state. As we continue to grind our way out of this national recession, it is important to look closer to home to see how the economy impacts us directly. With our continued efforts to attract employers, our state should continue to top these types of lists going forward.

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To see the Forbes slide show for the Best Cities for Jobs, click here.
To see a list of recent job announcements posted on the Mission Mortgage blog, click here.


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