Texas Best for Business, 7th Year in a Row

Citing results from surveys of over 500 CEOs throughout the country, Texas was ranked as the best state for business for the 7th consecutive year. The CEOs looked at issues ranging from taxation to workforce quality. They also took into consideration the amount of regulation and the quality of life. According to a story on chiefexecutive.net by J P Donlon, Texas has topped the rankings every year in which the survey has been given, showing that our state remains serious about helping businesses to succeed.

Texas ranks highly in the survey because of a number of factors. Our taxes are low, ranking second-lowest for businesses. Texas also provides incentives for certain companies to relocate or start up in our area. However, the factor CEOs cite most frequently is our consistent policies and regulations that make it easier for businesses to plan. Not surprisingly, Texas has led all states in net inward migration, gaining 4.3 million residents over the past decade. Texas also boasts the most number
of jobs created last year with 250,000 more jobs than in 2009.


Here are the top 5 states for business, according to the survey:
1.  Texas
2.  North Carolina
3.  Florida
4.  Tennessee
5.  Georgia

Also interesting to note are the states who have improved the most.
The top 5 biggest gainers since last year’s survey are:
1.  Wisconsin (from 41 to 24, a gain of 17 spots)
2.  Louisiana (from 40 to 27, a gain of 13 spots)
3.  Indiana (from 16 to 6, a gain of 10 spots)
4.  Oklahoma (from 19 to 11, a gain of 8 spots)
5.  Kentucky (from 23 to 17, a gain of 6 spots)

The top 5 biggest gainers over the past 5 years are:
1.  Oklahoma (from 31 to 11, a gain of 20 spots)
2.  Louisiana (from 46 to 27, a gain of 19 spots)
3.  Missouri (from 41 to 23, a gain of 18 spots)
4.  Wyoming (from 30 to 14, a gain of 16 spots)
5.  Kentucky (from 33 to 17, a gain of 16 spots)


If pro-business policies and the general business climate help some states to reach the top of the list, the bottom of the list must include those states that put in the highest barriers and have suffered the worst in the employment market.

Here is a list of the states that fared the worst in the CEO surveys:
46.  Michigan
47.  New Jersey
48.  Illinois
49.  New York
50.  California

Again, looking at the movement over the past few years provides a better indication of the direction in which the worst states are headed. Those who have lost the largest number of spots are important to watch as they are definitely headed in the wrong direction.

The 5 states who dropped the most in the past year are:
1.  Alaska (from 21 to 31, a loss of 10 spots)
2.  West Virginia (from 34 to 42, a loss of 8 spots)
3.  Pennsylvania (from 32 to 39, a loss of 7 spots)
4.  Idaho (from 13 to 19, a loss of 6 spots)
5.  Alabama (from 20 to 26, a loss of 6 spots)

The 5 states who dropped the most in the past 5 years are:
1.  Illinois (from 8 to 48, a drop of 40 spots)
2.  Ohio (from 22 to 41, a drop of 19 spots)
3.  Washington (from 16 to 34, a drop of 18 spots)
4.  Maryland (from 21 to 37, a drop of 16 spots)
5.  Pennsylvania (from 27 to 39, a drop of 12 spots)

To read the original story on chiefexecutive.net, click here.


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