Austin 5th Fastest Growing Over Last Decade

2010 Census figures indicate that Austin is the 5th fastest growing metropolitan statistical area (MSA) from 2000 to 2010. According to the data, the population of the Austin MSA is now 1,716,289 which represents a gain of roughly 37% since the last full census was taken.

The top 5 biggest gainers may be surprising

While here in Austin we have heard plenty about our growing community, spurred by job opportunities, rankings in numerous “best of” lists, and international recognition of our music, film and tech industries, other cities in the top 5 may not be as familiar for their recent successes.

5. Austin, Texas – 2010 population: 1,716,289 – Gain of 37.3%
Incredible job growth, particularly in the high tech industry, has fueled enormous growth in Central Texas. Companies continue to relocate to the area while a disproportionate number of start-ups use Austin as their launching ground. Texas’ pro-growth policies and international acclaim for live music has helped Austin increase its population faster than most areas over the past 10 years.

4.  Provo, Utah – 2010 population: 526,810 – Gain of 39.8%
Noted for its beautiful location along the Wasatch Mountain Range, Provo has benefitted from Utah’s pro-business attitude, healthy lifestyle opportunities, and a higher than average birth rate. Home to Brigham Young University, Provo prides itself on offering families high-quality schools in a family-friendly environment.

3. Ft. Myers, Florida – 2010 population: 618,754 – Gain of 40.3%
Tourism still drives a large portion of Ft. Myers’ growth, as it has historically. The area offers a diverse ecosystem of native Floridian flora and fauna and sees huge numbers of tourists come to the area every year to enjoy the beaches, fishing, birding, and other outdoor activities. The growth in this area is also due to an influx of businesses who see Florida tax rates as favorable to other locations in the U.S.

2. Raleigh, North Carolina – 2010 population: 1,130,490 – Gain of 41.8%
Lower housing costs have turned Raleigh into a relocation destination for a growing number of Northeast U.S. residents, particularly from places like Boston and New York City, where the cost of living is much higher. The same thing has attracted businesses to the area, creating more jobs even during the recession.

1.  Las Vegas, Nevada – 2010 population: 1,951,269 – Gain of 41.8%
An extremely low tax burden combined with low cost housing provided a huge boost in population for Las Vegas over the past 10 years. Only recently did the real estate bubble come to hurt this metropolitan area after years of enormous growth. The net gains over the past 10 years places Vegas in the top spot despite recent pull-backs due to the economy.

For more information about the 2010 Census data, please click here.


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