New Media Coverage of Mark Sprague

Mark Sprague has been featured in a couple of articles in recent publications. In both instances, the stories were covering economic updates that Mark had provided.

The Highlander Features Mark Sprague in a Front Page Article

The Highlander, a newspaper serving Marble Falls and the entire Highland Lakes Region, wrote a front page story of Mark and his presentation to the Marble Falls Building Industry Association (BIA).  The story included a large photo of Mark illustrating a point about house price trends on a white board in front of the sold out luncheon.  The article is titled “Banner Forecast” and quotes Mark frequently, discussing points specific to the Highland Lakes region.

According to the article, “Real estate industry analyst Mark Sprague brought guarded good news….”  Mark was quoted as saying, “You’re feeling (the recession) in Marble Falls and Horseshoe Bay, but not nearly as badly as most of the rest of the nation.”  The article continues by summarizing Mark’s comments about Austin’s influence on the Highland Lakes region, Texas’ performance compared to the rest of the nation, and some startling population growth estimates coming out of the U.S. Census Bureau.  “According to the Census Bureau,” Sprague is quoted as saying, “the population of Texas is expected to increase by more than 25 million people (in 20-30 years).” 

To read the complete article and see the photo of Mark, please click here.

Waterways Magazine Covers Mark’s Lake Travis Area Forecast

Recently, Mission Mortgage and Moreland Properties teamed up to provide an economic update for the Lake Travis Area that was open to the public.  Audience members in the crowded room at the Lakeway Activity Center had a chance to hear Mark Sprague discuss the concerns and opportunities in the housing market in the area.  Covering the housing market from a national, state, and local level, Mark provided an in-depth look at what we have in store for us in 2011.

In the audience that evening was Cathie Parssinen, writer for Waterways Magazine.  She wrote a fantastic article that summarized the event and included some of Mark’s insights shared that night. 

According to her article, “Sprague illustrated data upon which he based his findings with a dizzying array of charts and graphs…”  If you’ve ever had the priviledge of seeing Mark present, you’re probably smiling in knowing recognition right now.  Mark digests an enormous amount of data every day as he follows the trends and movements in the housing and finance industries. It is this ability to distill the numbers into meaningful comments that makes Mark’s presentations such a draw.

The article continues by reviewing Mark’s comments about foreclosures and other concerns in the banking industry, housing demand, job creation, and the Lakeway Regional Medical Center.  He also made a strong point that while most people know that the most important thing to look at when making a real estate purchase is location, location, location the impact of a great school district is generally the next most importage consideration.  Mark commended the Lake Travis ISD for it’s quality programs and reputation and pointed to that as one of the primary reasons the area will do well in the future.

Mark’s article is featured in the Spring 2011 issue, which has not yet been posted to the Waterways Magazine website. But, we anticipate that you will be able to read the full article once it has been uploaded by visiting their website.

We have copies of the magazine in our main offices.  If you are ever in the area and would like to read the article, please feel free to stop in. 

Mission Mortgage would like to thank Kit Frazier for his coverage of Mark’s presentation in Marble Falls and for his write up in The Highlander.  We would also like to thank Hugh Vaughn of AMNET for organizing the event, the Marble Falls Building Industry Association for allowing Mark to speak, and the Marble Falls Chamber of Commerce for hosting the meeting.
Mission Mortgage would also like to thank Cathie Parssinen for her article in Waterways Magazine.  We would also like to thank Julie Kuntz from Moreland Properties for organizing the event as well as the many Moreland Properties real estate agents who provided refreshments and wine for the very large crowd.

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A full-service professional mortgage banker providing lending in Texas for over 25 years. Our main office is located at 901 S. Mopac Expwy, Barton Oaks V- Suite 120, Austin, TX 78746 with branches in Lakeway, Houston, and Sealy. Mission Mortgage has been ranked as a Top 10 Mortgage Company in Austin for the past 7 years (Austin Business Journal).
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