Live Oak Brewing Company Tours – An Austin Gem

This is number 12 in our ongoing recommendations for our “Austin Gems” category  (see the side bar on the right for a link to past posts). Our goal is to seek out lesser-known activities and events in Austin that are suitable for visitors and long-time residents alike. We’ve all been to the Capitol Building and 6th Street, so we don’t feature things like that. We look for the hidden gems that make living in Austin truly special.

Today we feature a local brewery who is making steady progress in establishing themselves as makers of quality beers. The Live Oak Brewing Company has been around for 13 years, but recently their brews have been seen in more and more local eateries and bars around Austin earning a reputation for great flavor and body.

Even better, they offer free tours of the brewery on most Saturdays.  You just need to sign up ahead of time to reserve your spot.  They last about a half an hour and if you are of legal drinking age and bring an appropriate photo i.d., then you are also invited to sample some of the beers.

According to the Live Oak Brewing Company website,

“Live Oak Brewing Company is truly a home-grown Austin enterprise. Two of Austin’s own homebrewers, Chip McElroy and Brian Peters, literally hand-built the brewery and were the two main brewers, keg washers, delivery persons, and proselytizers. Live Oak has grown since then, but we are still just as passionate about providing delicious old-world style beers that are rarely commercially available. Our special beers are brewed in limited quantities in a small east Austin brewery and are available in fine pubs and restaurants in Alpine, Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Marathon, New Braunfels, Plano, San Antonio, San Marcos, Waco and Wimberley.

Live Oak employs an old-world style of brewing rarely found in America today but practiced extensively throughout Germany and the Czech Republic. A decoction mash, open fermentation, and secondary lagering are essential to duplicate the rich maltiness and unique flavors of central European beers. The results are yours to enjoy.”

Locally, you can find their beers being served at Alamo Drafthouse, Phil’s Ice House, Uncle Billy’s Brew and Que, Gingerman, Draught House, The Highball, and many, many other great locations around town. Look for the big oak tree limb draft handle behind the bar and enjoy!

For more information about the tours and to reserve your spot, click here.

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