The Gallery at Mission Mortgage Presents: Sonja Kever

We are proud to announce our new artist installation at the Gallery at Mission Mortgage. Currently on display are the beautiful pastel creations of Sonja Kever.  Sonja is an award-winning artist whose works depict a slice of everyday life.  We are pleased to have her artwork on our walls and we invite you to visit our gallery to see her work for yourself.

Sonja has provided 30 pieces for our current installation, ranging from portraiture to still lifes, florals to landscapes.  She also has a wonderful selection of city scenes that truly capture the imagination.  The imagery is strong and the coloring is bold.  One of the techniques that stands out immediately when viewing Sonja’s work is the use of vibrant and bright colors contrasted by deep, dark hues to make the images almost appear to be illuminated from within.  Sonja’s ability to blend and mix her colors establishes a sense of realism in her artwork that is simply stunning.


Sonja is also the winner of numerous awards and honors.  She has earned a reputation as one of the best pastel artists in Central Texas and she’s only just begun.  We’re looking forward to watching as Sonja’s artistic endeavors take her to new and inspiring heights.


As is our tradition, we have asked Sonja to donate one piece of her artwork which we will auction with proceeds benefitting Foundation Communities, an outstanding non-profit organization that provides affordable housing and training in finances, homeownership, parenting, and much more.

The Gallery at Mission Mortgage was opened with the intent to help local Austin artists gain exposure to their artwork while providing our office with color and style. We select new artists every quarter and they display their artwork for our employees, partners, clients, and guests.  The gallery is located just outside of our new training center allowing us to share the work with those who visit us for MCE classes, first time homebuyer classes, and market update presentations.  Please visit our website for more information about Sonja Kever and the Gallery at Mission Mortgage.

By auctioning one piece from each of our artists, we also use the gallery as a way to give back to the community that has provided for our continued success.  For more information about the gallery or to request a viewing, please email us at  A small donation of your liking, to benefit Foundation Communities, will be requested.

Welcome Sonja!  We are honored to have your artwork in our gallery.


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A full-service professional mortgage banker providing lending in Texas for over 25 years. Our main office is located at 901 S. Mopac Expwy, Barton Oaks V- Suite 120, Austin, TX 78746 with branches in Lakeway, Houston, and Sealy. Mission Mortgage has been ranked as a Top 10 Mortgage Company in Austin for the past 7 years (Austin Business Journal).
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