New Homes of the Near Future

Recently, the National Association of Home Builders released survey results indicating the changes builders most anticipate seeing in new home construction in the near future. Builders often know best what people are looking for in a newly built home because they must reflect these desires or be left with inventory that won’t sell. Based on the requests they’ve heard, the plans that are most popular, and the direction of the trends in the past few years, they can guess what changes will be most likely to come true for homes built in the next few years.


Survey respondents indicated that they see the average home size to be approximately 2,150 square feet of living space, not including outdoor living areas. 74% of those surveyed believe that single-family homes will get smaller in the next few years. Only 10% indicated a belief that homes will have more outdoor living features such as summer kitchens and outdoor fireplaces.

Living rooms may vanish by merging with other spaces in the home according to 52% of those surveyed. 30% believe it will vanish altogether. If it doesn’t vanish, 76% feel as though the living room is likely to decrease in size.

Other areas are also anticipated to shrink. 66% believe that entry foyers will get smaller. 63% indicated that dining rooms will shrink.


In keeping with national trends in efficiency, 68% of respondents expect homes to have more green features in the near future. And as our world becomes more and more interconnected, 29% look for more technology features to be included in newly constructed homes.

Universal access features are expected to be more common by 20% of those surveyed. Clearly, not all buyers require universal access, but our current tendency to move will make more buyers choose features that allow them to more easily sell their homes in the future.

The kitchen will remain the epicenter of the home. And because of this, the survey results indicate that buyers will be ‘Very Likely’ to want double sinks, recessed lighting, and eating areas (such as breakfast bars) in their kitchens. People will be ‘Somewhat Likely’ to want a center island, walk-in pantry, recycling center, and work/computer area.

New homes will “Very Likely” include a kitchen/living room combo, walk-in closet in the master bedroom, a separate laundry room, and a two-car garage.


Survey responses of “Unlikely” show that people will be less inclined to want these features:
• Three or more bathrooms
• Four or more bedrooms
• Two master suites
• Three-car garage 
• Formal dining room
• Media room
• Mudroom
• Unheated porch
• Skylights

Obviously, not every buyer is the same and different parts of the country will experience different changes, but the results from this survey are still worth noting. Builders who choose floorplans that best meet with the desires of their potential buyers will be best positioned to succeed in the coming years. This is not new. But even the best builders can find themselves behind the times if they don’t keep up with the ever changing wants of the buying public.

Realtors with listings should note these survey results and focus their marketing on the areas that are most desirable. Realtors with buyers should provide this information so that they can purchase homes with the greatest chance for resale in the future.


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