Austin Tops for Telecommuters

Austin continues to take top honors with yet another study placing us first.  This time, Daily Finance has ranked Austin as the top U.S. city for telecommuters.  Daily Finance, an arm of AOL, recently investigated the elements that best define an ideal telecommuting environment, then measured the major U.S. metropolitan areas to determine America’s 11 Best Cities for Telecommuting and posted it to their website last week.

The internet has dramatically changed the way we live our lives. From shopping and research, to work and entertainment, we now have more access to more information than ever before in the history of mankind. With these amazing leaps in technology come changes to our standard models of work, including the introduction of telecommuting.

Telecommuting is broadly defined as working for a company or private employer by using technology that enables the work to be done from home.  This is not just the typical “work-from-home” scenario in which certain functions are completed in private residences.  Telecommuting brings high-end technology to the forefront by enabling workers to access files and software to complete complex tasks from home.  The benefits have been measured in study after study and find that telecommuters tend to be more productive AND more satisfied with their work situations.  Companies benefit by having less overhead from rent and utilities, as well as giving their workforce attractive opportunities while getting more productivity at the same time.

The Daily Finance study looked at a number of criteria to determine their rankings.  They started with the notion that living in a big city provides more opportunities for work and entertainment, so they initially narrowed down their list to metropolitan areas with a population of 1 million or more.  Then, they eliminated any city whose cost of living was higher than the U.S. average. Next, they incorporated ratings for level of education attained and a ranking of each city’s literacy. 

But that’s not all.  The next step was to factor in the healthiest cities in America using the American College of Sports Medicine’s American Fitness Index.  The message that Daily Finance is making here is that just because you work from home does not mean you have to sacrifice your health.  By selecting cities that rank high in the American Fitness Index, they are taking into consideration the opportunities that residents have to access healthy activities.

The end result is a list of 11 cities that offer the best circumstances for telecommuters. Austin ranked first in the list and was noted for it’s educational opportunities, music and entertainment offerings, and a high ranking on the fitness scale.  In fact, Austin’s #10 ranking on the American Fitness Index was the highest of the 11 cities on the Daily Finance list.

Here are the top 11 cities, as ranked by Daily Finance:

1.  Austin, Texas
2.  Cincinnati, Ohio
3.  Atlanta, Georgia
4.  St. Louis, Missouri
5.  Raleigh, North Carolina
6.  Cleveland, Ohio
7.  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
8.  Charlotte, North Carolina
9.  Kansas City, Missouri
10. Nashville, Tennessee
11. Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

To read more about the study, please see the full story by clicking here.


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