Central Texas Job Projections

The Texas Workforce Commission released their semi-annual report detailing job growth estimates this week.  The commission uses historical data, known future growth plans, and estimated future changes to derive their numbers.  The report breaks down growth by region and then by industry/occupational group and examines industry growth or decline, impact of technology, and changing business processes when determining their estimates. This report predicts growth through 2018.

According to the Commission, total employment in Central Texas will grow by 18.2% between now and 2018 by adding 29,430 new jobs to the area.  This overall growth rate would take our average annual employment to 191,550 jobs by 2018.  But not all industries will experience the same level of growth.  Understanding where job growth will occur is key to business and public-sector planning for the years ahead.

The highest growth industries by number of jobs created are projected to be Education, Federal Government, Hospitals, Limited-Service Eating Places, and Local Government.  See the table below for the complete breakdown by number of jobs created:

The highest growth industries by percentage of jobs created are projected to be Individual & Family Services, Home Health Care, Computer Systems Design, Child Care, and Facilities Support Services.  The complete breakdown by percentage of jobs created is in the table below:

Understanding growth patterns and leveraging your knowledge and professional connections to stay in front of the curve is key to your long-term success.  Whether you are contemplating further education, seeking gainful employment, starting up a business, working on expanding an existing business, or identifying potential growth areas to target, this report contains valuable information that you need.  See the Texas Workforce Commission website for the complete report.


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