Welcome Savory Spice Shop

This is the ninth entry in our category called “Austin Gems” (see the side bar on the right for a link to past posts). We post items in our Gems category that go beyond the typical tourist hotspots.  We try to focus on places and activities that might not even be well known amongst long-time residents of the city. Sometimes we suggest events. Other times it may be a restaurant.  Today we welcome to Austin a very cool new store.

A new store called Savory Spice Shop opened its doors this past weekend in Austin and already it is proving to be a hit.  The concept is simple and it is surprising that this is the first of its kind in a city that has such culinary leanings.  Owner Karen Aboussie has opened Savory Spice Shop to provide a tantalizing array of spices – from the common to the rare – to be used by professional chefs and the everyday meal preparer in your home.

If you want Mexican Oregano, they have it.  Of course they do…everyone does.  If you want a specially blended multi-spice rub excellent for pork, they have that, too (try the Long’s Peak Rub).  How about flavored sugars?  The vanilla sugar is heavenly.  How do we know?  They have tasters out and you are encouraged to sprinkle a little into your palm and give it a try.  Whatever you don’t eat you simply brush off onto the floor.  That’s why it smells so good when you walk in the doors!

Smoked salts, crawfish boils, curry blends, whole pepper corns, dried cheeses…they have more than you can imagine.  The parmesan pesto is incredible. Hot spices, savory spices, sweet spices…they’ve got you covered.  The best part is that the spices are available in bulk so you buy what you need.  They have jarred spices available, but rather than throw out those jars when they are empty, you can simply return and purchase a bag of the same spice to fill the jar back to the top. 

Right now the shelves are also filled with combo packs with spices to fit a certain theme, perfect to give as gifts.  The grill master in your home will love a pack of different rubs.  The spicy food lover may like the combination of hot spices.  They even have one for the Bloody Mary lover to make their own mix!  The prices are fair and they will even ship right from the store, so bring your address book with you when you go.

The store is located at 1201B West 6th Street (at the corner of 6th and Walsh), right next to Rounders Pizza.  There is parking available behind the store.  See their website at www.savoryspiceshop.com for store hours.  Or call them at 512.524.1093 to see if they have that unique spice you’ve been looking for recently. 

Mission Mortgage loves cool, new shops like the Savory Spice Shop and we welcome them to Austin.  We wish them many successes and we hope that you’ll stop in soon and show them that Austin is worthy of its culinary accolades.  When you stop in, please tell owner Karen Aboussie and manager Echo Beyer that Mission Mortgage sent you!


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