More Job News and More Hiring Announcements


We’ll never get tired of sharing this type of information with you.  Once again, Austin has experienced year-over-year job growth.  In fact, September was a good month all around with Texas and the U.S. also showing year-over-year gains, according the most recent report from the Austin Chamber of Commerce.

More significantly, Austin accounted for 5% of ALL jobs created in the U.S. over the past year. Considering the size of our community, this is nothing short of astounding. And more announcements this week from various companies indicates that the momentum will continue.

Texas gained over 152,000 jobs since last September.  The U.S. gained 321,000 over that time span. That means that Texas accounted for nearly 50% of all jobs created in the U.S. Again, this can only be summed up as incredible.  One half of all job creation occurred in our state and more companies continue to relocate, expand, or originate seemingly every week. For the complete report from the Austin Chamber of Commerce, please click here.


Earlier this week, we announced plans by Interactions Corp to bring nearly 100 new jobs to the Austin area to support their technology-based customer care efforts.  See their website for available job opportunities.


Another company bringing jobs to the Austin area is National Scooter Co., who will be relocating their headquarters from Seattle to Pflugerville.  Even better, they are also bringing their production jobs back to the U.S. from China and plan to hire at least 62 full-time employees in their Pflugerville location.  The company designs, assembles and imports gas- and electric-powered bicycles, scooters and motorcycles. The first scooters, sold under the Austin Electric Vehicles brand, will be available at the Pflugerville Pfun Center for the Christmas shopping season. Negotiations are under way with additional local retailers to eventually carry the brand.  See their website for more information about the company. 


Finally, Pain Therapeutics Inc. is moving their headquarters from San Mateo, California to Austin starting in January 2011.  They currently have 30 employees with plans to increase their employment base by 50 to 100 additional positions over the next three years. Pain Therapeutics focuses on the research and development of new drugs.  For more information about the company and their current research efforts, please visit their website.

Mission Mortgage welcomes Interactions Corp, National Scooter Company, and Pain Therapeutics Inc. to our community and wishes them nothing but success. Seeing companies like these move into our area gives us great confidence in the future economic situation for Central Texas and we look forward to sharing more good news with you as we find it! 

Happy Halloween.  Be safe, drive slowly and watch out for the little ones on Sunday.


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